Mary Kay Named One of the Top 20 Brands

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DALLAS, Mar 02, 2012 -- Mary Kay is clearly hitting the mark with consumers as it was once again recognized by Brand Keys as a 'brand that delights' because of the company's high level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Brand Keys, an independent research firm, has studied consumer behavior for the past 16 years and just released its annual Customer Loyalty Index Survey. The 2012 Customer Loyalty Index Survey examined customers' relationships with 598 brands across 83 categories. Mary Kay tied for first as the top brand in the cosmetics category and was listed as one of the top 20 brands overall in the "Brands That Delight" category.

This is the second year that Mary Kay was included on the "Brands That Delight" list. Brand Keys describes a delighting brand as one that excels at offering meaningful experiences with products and services at a higher level than its competitors. According to Brand Keys, consumers demand more from a brand than mere satisfaction with a product's performance. Consumers are also demanding quality experiences and authentic brand values. Satisfaction is now the cost of entry while delight is the new differentiator amongst the sea of competitors.

The overwhelming majority of brands that were included in the "Brands That Delight" list are relatively newer brands that are technology based like Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Facebook. Mary Kay, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, is not only the brand with the most longevity, but also is the only cosmetics brand listed amongst the top 20.

Mary Kay credits Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and its product collection as the two primary reasons it received this honor.

"Being recognized as a 'brand that delights' by Brand Keys offers additional validation to Mary Kay's steadfast commitment to offering a great opportunity for women, exceptional customer service and products that are simply irresistible," said Sheryl Adkins-Green, Mary Kay Inc.'s Chief Marketing Officer. "These three critical pillars influence all aspects of our business. We hope that anyone who interacts with the Mary Kay brand can say with confidence, I love Mary Kay."