Mary Kay Advocates for Domestic Violence Survivors

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ATLANTA, Feb 02, 2012 -- Mary Kay Inc. and Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, in partnership with the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence are descending upon the Georgia State Capitol to raise awareness with lawmakers about the importance of crucial funding for domestic violence prevention and intervention services statewide. Participants will educate Georgia lawmakers about crucial counseling, shelter, support groups, education and prevention programs and the necessity of state support for these life-saving services.

"Speaking with legislators is an important part of Mary Kay's commitment to ending domestic violence," said Mary Kay Vice President of Government Relations Anne Crews. "Together, with the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, we can make a difference and help educate lawmakers about the critical needs among organizations and individuals who serve on the front lines of this important issue and horrific crime."

Georgia was named for having the 6th highest homicide rate in the nation for women killed by men. The impact of this violence extends into the larger community, generating public safety and healthcare costs and reducing worker productivity.

"This year we are very excited to be working on positive, pro-active legislation which will address some loopholes in our systems in order to increase victim safety," explained Nicole Lesser, Executive Director of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "There is a serious need for the community, law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, churches, healthcare practitioners, schools, etc. to do their part in addressing domestic violence and sexual assault."

Mary Kay has an ongoing commitment to lobbying for good and working to prevent and end domestic violence. Beginning in the 1980s, Mary Kay Inc. lobbied state and national lawmakers advocating for insurance coverage of mammograms. Over the last 15 years the company has lobbied for the federal Violence Against Women Act, its reauthorization and subsequent appropriations.