About HomePartyRankings.com

Home Party Rankings is a division of Quivex Media, the company that created the home business ranking metric.

In 1995 Quivex Media launched MLMRankings.com, still the #1 website for ranking home businesses and direct sales companies by public interest. Quivex does not use easily manipulated data in their metrics. Data like social media 'likes' or group sizes or other 3rd party metrics, where data can be easily manipulated and 'likes' and clicks can be tweaked or purchased through various networks.

Quivex Media is not associated with any of the companies in the home party directories or ranking sites. Unlike companies that have sprung up with their own ranking measurements which invariable skew data to promote companies purchasing promotional service or advertising from them or their parent companies, we stand by the integrity and reliability of our data and how it demonstrates, predicts and validates specific company business trends.