Mary Kay Consultant Wins 15th Car

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Pam Stinnet has not allowed a troubling recession to interfere with her business as a Mary kay Consultant, and has reported that her sales have actually increased in the current economic situation. Just recently, Pam received her 15th career car with Mary Kay Cosmetics, a pink Cadillac. Showing deep appreciation toward her 300 customers, along with the women in her unit for her success, Stinnet started winning cars when she became a Mary Kay director 27 years ago in July, and recently took delivery of the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac and will keep it for two years on a co-op lease.

"We are not multi-level; it is a dual marketing plan, what we know in the bad economy is that women will still use their makeup. You can't afford a new dress or new shoes but you will get your lipstick. Personally, my sales are up almost $3,000 this time last year." Stinnett said, as she described the Mary Kay empire that sells products in more than 35 markets worldwide with an independent sales force of nearly 2 million.

"I am positive proof that perseverance pays," she said. "Everybody has ups and downs. Just keep at it, and it will pay off."