The Traveling Vineyard Announces New California Winery Facility

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September 26, 2012 -- The Traveling Vineyard today announced the creation of a new federal bonded and licensed winery facility in Buellton, CA in the famed Santa Barbara County wine region. This will be the second strategic winery location for The Traveling Vineyard. The Traveling Vineyard brings premium, award-winning wine to consumers in 28 states through an innovative, free home wine tasting program.

This initiative positions the Traveling Vineyard for improved profitability and affords it increased capacity to expand its portfolio in anticipation of continued growth. Rick Libby, Traveling Vineyard’s Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader stated, "This announcement comes just in time for us to be active for the 2012 Harvest crush. We plan to bring many exciting new wines on line in 2013 and beyond with our new California facility."

The state-of-the-art facility will produce and bottle exclusive Traveling Vineyard wines. Wine will be crushed, fermented, processed and aged with the facility’s modern equipment guided by the time-tested, old-fashioned commercial winemaking experience and oversight of Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Director, Francis Sanders.

The Traveling Vineyard will have complete control over winemaking to advance the custom production of the unique, exclusive wines for which it has become so noted. Francis Sanders stated, "This new facility will give me the opportunity to continue crafting our award-winning wines sourcing the finest products from the vineyards of California, Oregon and Washington. We’ll be able to bring them to market more efficiently and continue our winning streak in the free home wine tasting business."